Grooming Services / Ad Hoc Services Prices* Estimated Duration
Express Grooming (Wax and Shine) 98 45 mins
Basic Grooming 298 3 hrs
Interior Grooming only From 198 3 hrs
Exterior Grooming only From 198 3 hrs
Standard Grooming with Paint Sealant Protection 598 6-8 hrs
Intensive Grooming with Paint Sealant Protection 998 8-10 hrs
Ceramic 9H Coating Paint Protection From 280 6-8 hrs
Ala Carte Paint Defects Removal From 80 1 hr
Engine Bay Detailing From 120 1 hr
Windscreen & Windows Coating Protection 380 2 hrs
Wheel Coating Protection 280 1 hr
Headlights Restoration 120 1 hr
Interior Sanitization (Anti-bacteria treatment & odour elimination) 100 30 mins
Interior Fumigation (Anti-Pest Treatment) 250 1-2 hrs

Please call for enquires on our Premium Ceramic Coating Protection and Maintenance Grooming Package.

*All prices in SGD inclusive of GST
We accept cash or the following credit cards
There are also atms from major banks nearby our grooming center.