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Paint Sealant Protection

Jet Seal is a durable paint protection sealant designed to shield your vehicle’s exterior from the harshest elements. 

Developed exclusively for the aerospace industry, Jet Seal is engineered using advanced Nano-Tech polymers that provide the ultimate level of protection. 

It creates a super hydrophobic shield that pushes away water molecules, keeping the surface free of stains and contamination. Vehicle will have more shine, longer protection, and improved durability after application of Jet Seal.

Formulated using innovative UV protection technology, Jet Seal 
  • protects your paintwork against fading and discoloration 
  • bonds to paintwork, creating a strong shield against water spots, contamination, road grime, and solar rays 
  • also provides durable protection to glass, chrome, aluminum, carbon fiber and fiberglass surfaces 
The result is a smooth finish with a brilliant shine.

         Mirror shine results with Jet Seal Paint Sealant
   Crystal-like droplets on the car surface after a rainfall